Reasons why we are the TOP CCCAM service you can find on the Internet

- Team with experience

We are a Team with many years of experience in card-sharing. We are dealing with card-sharing since 2002 with thousands of happy customers.

- Multiple servers network across Europe

We have our own servers in most EU countries. This ensures that you will always have the lowest possible ping time, you will get your decryption key faster. This can ensure Zero-downtime service.

- Only 1 C Line in Load-balance

Our network of servers uses the R.R. Load-balance. It will automatically connect you on the fastest server in our network. If for any reason this server will go down, it will automatically connect you to the next available server. You will not notice anything.

- Unique payment system

Our unique slide-bar duration selection is differentiating us from all others. You can select the days that fit on your budget. You are not obligated in buying 1 month or 3 months or more. You can choose less days for testing or you can buy up to one year and get max discount.

- Fully automated website

Out system is fully automated for your convenience. The C Lines access codes are activated and delivered to you instantly after payment. No need to wait hours or days like other websites. You can also TOP UP your existing C Line by logging in your account and just add the extra days you need.

- 24/7/365 monitoring

Our services are monitored by real people 24/7/365. If any problem arises we fix it immediately.

- Customer support

You can contact us by the contact form in our website. We are checking our emails every hour, so you will get a reply without waiting long.
** Emails asking for free test lines will be ignored **

Site Terms

We don’t separate packages

We don' t give Free Test Lines

You can test our system by signing up to our newsletter

All the packages we have available to us are included in the C Lines & Each Subscription is ONLY for one receiver

If the servers sense a double login then it will be cancelled without refund