Best cardsharing server

How to choose the best cccam server

In order to choose the best cccam server, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration.
1) Quality
CCcam is a software that communicate directly to CS servers that hold the original satellite subscription information. Every 2-5 seconds your tv picture would be encrypted by the supplier and therefore needs the de-cryption keys. Once this happens, your receiver will talk to your providers servers to obtain the password in real time and deliver it back to your receiver. This all happens in milliseconds to make sure that your viewing pleasure is not disturbed by freezing or pixilation. Many of the online servers don't own local cards, since subscriptions are expensive. They reshare their signal to each other. This causes delay in signal and freez and cahnnels loss are inevitable.
2) Stability
The server feeding your decryption keys, needs to be online 24/7, 365 days.
3) Easy and secure payments
The cardsharing server website should be able to deliver your C Line in a short period of time after payment. Most of the servers are doing this work manually with huge delays and also figuring our how to send them the money is a headache. ***Be very careful using your PayPal to pay for cardsharing payments. It is possible that your account will be blocked for lifetime!***
4) Not a scam
There are a lot of scam cardsharing servers out there, hidden behind a "professional" looking website. They offer cheap prices, lifetime subscriptions etc. Choosing such a server will cause you loose your money.

At www.topcccamserver.com, we offer the best cardsharing services, since we have all the above in mind. We are using real local cards to ensure Freez Free watching and Fast zapping - Multiple fast dedicated, Europian servers in loadbalancing to ensure 24/7, 365 days service - Fully automatic website with INSTANT payment system and INSTANT C Line activation - And definitely we are NOT a scam :)